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Hear from the group members themselves...

It is amazing to sit back and look at your life, and realize just how thoroughly God prepares us for the path he has choosen for us to take.  We did not know a year ago that we would adopt a child, but God did.  We are Chris and Allison.  We have spent the last three years struggling with infertility.  It has been a long road, but one that we are both grateful for.  It was through our infertility that we met Andie and Lee.  It was nearly a year ago that Andie decided it was time to start Heaven Sent, a support group for adoptive and foster families.


We have been a part of this group since the first meeting.  Initially we were not even sure we would adopt, but we wanted to gather as much information as possible.  There are numerous websites, and books on adoption.  However, I found those to be inadequate.  I wanted first hand life experience.  The books and websites overwhelmed me with fears and questions.  The people that make up Heaven Sent were there to answer each question and address each fear.


Now, as we begin the actual adoption process we know what to expect.  We know that we have the resources of people who have traveled this path before.  We have the luxury of learning from others.  We have learned not only about the process of adoption, but we have also seen first hand the joys of adoption.  We know too the trials.  


As we start down this path we are ready.  We are armed with the knowledge and wisdom, and most of all the friendship’s found in Heaven Sent.


- Chris & Allison Massie



Chris and Allison


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