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Heaven Sent

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Bubble Boys, Shaun and Cody

Speedy boys

We are Lee and Andie Hendrickson, founders of Heaven Sent. We have been married for 10 years and are survivors of infertility (check out Heaven Sent’s sister group, Cycles of Insanity website listed on the Resources page, for folks facing infertility). We have three children – Shaun (age 4) and Cody (age 2) and hope to adopt our foster daughter later this year.

All three of our children are considered special needs and we personally have had experience with prenatal drug exposure, failure to thrive, bonding and attachment disorders and sensory integration dysfunction. We have also experienced both open and closed adoption. Other members of the group have even a wider range of experience - so there's LOTS of help!

After adopting Cody, we felt a compelling need - a call - to begin a support group that networked and encouraged other adoptive and foster parents in the East Valley. We had already spent several years navigating the crazy world of adoption, therapy for special needs children and the DES/CPS system alone.  The first meeting of Heaven Sent in November of 2003 brought more than just East Valley folk – we also welcomed families from Sun City, Tempe and Glendale!

We are excited about what the future will bring for us and the Heaven Sent folks – and hope that YOU will join us at our next get together! We always welcome questions from folks who are thinking about adoption or foster care (we never thought we’d do either one)! 

God bless,
Andie and Lee

Shaun in 2003

Cody in 2003

The boys together, summer 2003


You can contact Andie and Lee at the following: